do you like to fight with a dog?

@srikool (936)
October 21, 2008 8:06am CST
hi frendz..i like to fight wtih a dog..just i wna tto give something in its will try to catch it..i will take it away from its mouth..that dog also very much inrested in this..what about you..sahre with me..have a happy mylotting
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@kekexinfeng (1303)
• China
23 Oct 08
I love to play with puppy,and I think they are lovely,but indeed,I son't like big dog,I feel afraid of them,I even don't want to approach to them,they will bite me,and it is a very bad thing,may be I will have a disease,I don't like it.
• China
23 Oct 08
It is funny,the dog is clever,it can feel what you mean!!
@urbandekay (18312)
21 Oct 08
Yes, I love to fight with my dogs, sometimes I get slightly bitten but never badly all the best urban
@AKRao24 (19585)
• India
21 Oct 08
Dear friend I think you wanted to ask if one likes to play with his dog! Because the thing what you have mentioned is a play for Dog. he enjoys this. Basically Dogs love to play with human beimgs and with other Dogstoo. Here they are happy to interact with human beings or other Dogs.This thing you can see early in the morning .We can often see group of Dogs are running or chasing a piece of rag as if they are palying Rugby. This is a natural instict of the dogs. That's the way they learn to fight and defend themselves and obtain mastery for their survival. As far fighting is concerned I am having seven dogs and its Ok when they are in playful mood but then when the elder two Dogd start fighting for establishing the supremecy, believe me it becomes impossible to separate them and they practically bite each other and would never loose the grip of their jaws.They are so adament and arrogant at that time even my stick fails to work on them. after a hectic time I separate these fellows and then I treat their wounds. They are very aggressive and bite very badly if they are in fighting mood. That way as a Vet when I was practicing as a canine Vet I used to get many bites from the Dogs as never used to tie the mouth of dogs like other Vets as I feel that is too inhumane. So while examining the Dogs or while giving injections these frinds of mine would get irritated and practically used to bite me! I was not bothered about these bites as all the dogs attending my clinic used to be vaccinated agaist Rabies. But some wounds used to be very painful! So wht I want to say here is what you are stating is the play and not a fight! And I like any other Dog lover always loke to play with them and for that matter many a times I tease them and leave to themselves so that my teasing initiates a play for them which is a realfeast to watch.Just imsgine 4-5 dogs playing together on your lawn and you are leisurely observingthem ! Thanks! nice topic of discussion !