Which friend is too close to you now.

October 21, 2008 8:50am CST
Every person will have a close friend , and they may come in there life in different stages, It may be in there school life or in there college days or after both the school and college days.............. Most of the close friends will be school friends or the college friends.............I have a close friend(from 2nd grade), for more than 20 years and do you have anyone like this.
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21 Oct 08
I have a few very close friends. There are three that I am very close with. One I went to pre-school with and the other we went to school with since grade 6. The three of us get together every few months for dinner. Just a nice girls night out. Besides those two my neighbour is also one of my closest friends. There is nothing better than having great friends that you never have to question their loyality and trust. Happy Mylotting!!! :0)