how can a poor people help the society?

October 21, 2008 12:08pm CST
money is not always everything, he can help the society through services that he can do..he can still help clean the sorroundings.. but the thing is, he is just to hungry to help? how can he help if no one helps him? please do tell me cause im kinda worried to those people who are begging for money. do they deserve to be given help even though there still capable of doing things or im going to give some penny for them to eat?
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@sabbatha (287)
• United States
21 Oct 08
There's a blog about a homeless guy who cleans up the streets where he lives. He picks up garbage all day to help clean the streets of the city where he lives. People are more apt to help him out because he is helping and not just asking for a hand out. In fact he never asks anyone for money. He just cleans up and if people want to help donate to him, then of course he will accept the money. Some days are better than other and he goes hungry at times. So apparently hunger is no excuse. The problem with some beggers is you never really know what is going on with them. Sometimes, they have actual mental problems that won't allow them to keep a job, and with no one to help them they end up on the streets. I've also known of people who do have money, homes, and jobs that still beg because they bring in a good amount of money. That really makes me weary about giving money to people. I'd just rather donate my money to shelters or programs that help the homeless instead of giving it directly to them.