If They Benefit Us And We Choose To Use Them, Why Can't We?

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@Darkwing (21588)
October 21, 2008 2:41pm CST
I was gobsmacked the other day to receive through the post, and read, a leaflet about "Forbidden Cures". I was aware that there are herbal remedies and alternative medicines for a lot of things, and I prefer to use those than to use drugs which may cause me side effects. This leaflet went on to say that the vast, multi-billion pound drug industry will do anything to discredit alternative treatments and get them banned. Nothing brings out the rage and contempt of this industry like an alternative therapy, aimed at alleviating suffering. In fact, it has been proven that alternative medicines can cure... not alleviate, but cure some major, even life-threatening diseases. So why can't we get a hold of them? Simple... they can't be patented, and drugs companies can't make profits from them. If they can't make profits, then they begin to lose their monopoly of the medical industry. It has been proven scientifically, that a specific herb can ward off the onset of Alzheimer's disease; it has been scientifically proven that a herbal remedy can cure arthritis... not just relieve the pain but cure, with a success rate of almost 100%. There is a rare but very powerful prostrate herb, one for diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, and even heart failure. But, they're being kept from us because as soon as somebody tries to tell you about them, the health police will attack. So, how yould you feel you lost somebody you love and then found out there was a cure that doctors were forbidden to tell you about... natural cures, that they won't even discuss with you?There are real life stories in this leaflet or mag too, including a woman who managed to get off insulin in only six weeks, after nine years on drugs. Would you have known that the little snowdrop holds an extract which is as effective as Alzheimer's drugs. Even the medical authorities have been forced to pay heed to this fact, and some doctors even prescribe it now in the UK. There are so many alternative treatments which are overlooked though... some even more effective than their counterpart drugs, because of the greed of the drugs industry. Wouldn't you like to be given the choice?
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• India
22 Oct 08
In India we ahv a number of alternative medicines available. Besides allopathic medicines we ahve homoeppathy, aryurvedic medicine and yunani medicine. All forms of medicine ahve official recognition and are promoted. They all co-exist and are given ewual patronage. Some diseases are better cured by alternate medicines. It is best to have many alternatives available, however for emergency, alopathic medicine is generally used. For long term ailments Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic medicines ar very useful.
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22 Oct 08
Hi Darkwing, Yes I would like to be given a choice, medical industryhave always poo-hoo herbal medicines because they would lose so much money, if people were to use them the doctors will lose out on it and yet most medicine has got naturel souces in them. Iits sas really that we haven't got a choice. Bright Blessings. Tamara
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• India
22 Oct 08
a choice would be great for anyone. aurvedic medicines{from herds}have been used in india and china from times gone by. but todays problem is that true practioners of that field are very few. usually it is family owned secrets and many have been lost. a lot of fake practioners are out there today who misuse peoples turst in this. may be that is one of the reason the government is against it. but the pharma companies have a different ajenda of their own. may be some day all this information will become free for all of us to use.