is there life outside somewhere in the universe?

October 21, 2008 4:57pm CST
we have seen many films about aliens,we have come across news about this all true?do u think there exits life outside ?if there exit life is it gud or bad for us?should we contact them?
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@DrDotNet (13)
• Chile
25 Oct 08
I could eventually prove there is life else where, but we will not be able to prove the opposite. The universe is just too big, and possibly infinite. Restricting ourselves just to our galaxy, the Milky Way, if there was a civilization emitting radio waves at the other side of the galaxy now, we would receive them in about 60.000 years! And that's just inside our galaxy. If the civilization is in Andromeda galaxy, the nearest giant elliptical, it would take about 3 million years... So we still have some time to wait
@ssj3goku (113)
• United States
23 Oct 08
There has to be life somewhere out there. I'm pretty sure of it. There is so much space and thus so much chance for life to spontaneously occur somewhere in the cosmos. There is also the idea of parallel universes. I don't know if you count that as other forms of life, but it is said that they exist since there is only so many ways that atoms can randomly be arranged, and the parallel universes would then have to necessarily exist. In regard to these universes I don't think we'd be able to reach them. I think I read in scientific America that light would never be able to reflect back from such a universe during our lifetimes or during the lifetimes of our offspring.
• United States
21 Oct 08
Well if there isn't life outside our earth, that to me would definitely prove there is a God. If there is no God, it would be impossible to not have life somewhere. I think wherever it is, it's very very far