It's personal...................between you and God!

United States
October 21, 2008 6:05pm CST
God is so informal. Man puts restrictions on how we should service God! If you have accepted Christ as your Personal Saviour, that means the life that you live, was created for you and you alone. You do not have to fix yourself up to have a conversation or a relationship with him. It's come as you are. The disciples were not perfect men, God transformed them into who he needed them to be. So if he did that for them what do you think he would do for YOU! Take your eyes off of man's requirement and embrace the God of convienance. He like 711, open 24/7 If God made man in his own image, every man has a sense of humor therefore so does God. I know he crack up at the dumb things I do. Today, make it your business to get personal with GOD! Embrace his son and ask him, what is your purpose for this life. P.S. If you are awaken between the hours of 3am and 5am in the morning and can't go back to sleep. Don't reach for a cigerette, a drink or a remote lay still an see feel the salvation of the LORD! He picks the still hour because you are too busy during the day catering to everyone else. So find time to talk God when he wakes you again.
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• Philippines
24 Oct 08
I strongly agree with what you say. We don't have to fix ourself. Love God your own way. Offer your life and make Him the center of everything. Loving God is really a very good feeling. It helps me feel at ease. I always pray and talk to Him most of the time. In many instances, God proved to me that He's the Provider. He rocks!