are your friend there when you need them the most?

October 21, 2008 8:37pm CST
lately i had been facing a lot of problems and struggles. things that are so hard to solve and face that i just wanted to be away and seetle for safety and comfort..but then, this problems are really to be faced and be worked on.. and there were really times that i could not hanged on.. and so, here comes the presence of my friends. well, their presence is much needed during those times. but i could not deny the fact, that i want more than presence.. but then, i would fail. i don't received any.. i moved in to the new apartment and slept there all by myself. my friend, the closed ones did not go there with me.. how i was so afraid during the night. they stayed in our old boarding house. they stayed there because it was air conditioned. they did'nt even helped me to clean off the dust.. huhu.. so are your friend there when you needed them the most? as for me, not most of the times..
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@sameroad (3180)
• United States
22 Oct 08
No.... they aren't...... and it really sucks... i could really use one right now. my only true friend moved to Vermont... but even still... he calls me on the phone and he trys to be there for me more then anyone else who lives here by me....and that says a lot... i wish he still lived here. its times like these that really make me miss him..because he was always there for me...and the friends i have now... well, i've tried talking to them but they are no where to be found... not really all that great of friends i guess.. but i have so little i guess i just take what i can get these days....
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• Philippines
22 Oct 08
hmm, there are really those who sticks till the end.. and i am glad you had found one.. can i be one too? email you can contact me there. or through could chat there.. thanks!
@maggs224 (1708)
• Alicante, Spain
12 Nov 15
I think that what you are experiencing is quite common because we have a saying for that in the UK. Those kind of friends are called Fair Weather Friends. This means when everything is going well and everyone is having fun the friends are there but when things start going wrong they are no where to be seen. I hope your move to your new apartment goes smoothly and that you find many new friends in your new place.