What's your favorite job class?

October 22, 2008 12:44am CST
Hello! I have been playing BRO (Blackout Ragnarok Online) just this month and boy, the addiction is back. I used to play the original Ragna but quit after realizing I can't afford buying the load. In the original, I created a mage which was last seen on Payon Cave. In BRO, I continued playing with the same class and it was satisfying. I was able to use Lord of Vermillion, Storm Gust and Meteor Storm w/out casting (my DEX is 200). Anyways, I wanted to try a new class and started w/ a swordsman. Swordsman are said to have the highest defense rate, so I tried it. I remembered my brother used the same class and it was pretty boring compared to flashy skills of the mage. But after I became a Lord Knight, things went from boring to awesomeness. There's this skill called "Berserk" where the character's attack, attack speed, flee rate gain large increase. But the price is your life will be cut by 5/15 percent per something, but it's really great. Add it with the effects of using "Two-Hand Quicken", "Aura Blade" and "Concentration", plus Berserk Potion and a Doppelganger card, its insane. It's also good for leveling up fast. Anyways, what's your favorite job class in Ragna and the reason?
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• Indonesia
25 Oct 09
My favorit characters on ragnarok online is PALADIN !! they have awesome perfect defense !! i like this character specialy at PvP or War of Emperium !! With my favorit skill auto guard,barrier,and reflect shield,it makes dare to face up everything. But i hate long range enemy such as Sniper or High Wizard,its annoying me.
• Malaysia
15 Sep 09
i like Lord knight because very strong and have many physical attack skill...