Poverty... ... is it fusion.................

@sibysabu (101)
October 22, 2008 4:24am CST
Hai Friendz What is your opinion about poverty??????????? . I think it is not the lack of monery or lack of food. Poverty means lack of any thing in life.
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@BubblyIan (751)
22 Oct 08
Poverty is an over-used and misunderstood term. It is used to shame westerners into donating more to charity. It is misused by politicians trying to get elected. In UK the government proclaimed it wanted halve child poverty by 2010. How did it want to do this? By throwing money at the 'poor' single parents! However, this policy will fail as their definition of poverty is a family income less than 60% of the 'average' income. Since adding money to the lowest increases the 'average', plus more people find they are better off not working and the 'average' reduces again! The best way of tackling 'poverty' is to 1) define it properly, 2) realise it varies across the world and cannot be related to financial terms; 3) Poverty of hope is more dangerous than poverty of money; 4) Giving money makes people dependent on hand-outs. Giving them the means to survive makes them independent; 5) The centre of a strong community is a strong family. Two-parent families are far less likely to be in poverty than single parents - the governemnt should reward and encourage stable two parent families rather than punsihing and discriminating against them as happens in UK. That would be a start. Join me at www.fnf.org.uk in making the world a better place for ALL our children, not just those brought up by single parents!
@loxion (1551)
• India
22 Oct 08
I agree with you there we have the same sh*t right here in South Africa and is like they encourage people to have many babies in return for few bucks at the end of the month
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22 Oct 08
Yes - and which type of parent is more likely to be influenced to have babies for the money? The decent parent who knows how expensive in time children are if you are going to do it right or someone who does nto care about what happens to the kids as long as she gets the money? I think it is obvious! It is a crying shame that having given the money the state takes no further interst in the kids until they end up in prison! Since there is 9 months between conception and birth, it should be compulsory to attend and pass a parenting course for BOTH parents in order to get the money! Then maybe just maybe the quality of parenting would increase and the problems associated with poor parenting would decrease.
• Pakistan
22 Oct 08
hi friends i think the poverty means, the lack of any thing in life Prince Sad