I hate MTV's show "My super sweet 16"

United States
@stinge (809)
October 22, 2008 5:21am CST
I hate when I see these little spoiled brats complaining about some $100,000 car that their parents won't buy them. If it's not that, they start having a heart attack because Chris brown or Beyonce can't make it to sing at their overpriced birthday bash! I'd like to bash them little snots over the head with a brick! It's one thing if your parents have money, but to see these little dummies begging for a BMW, at theage of 16..HELL NO! I think the parents that buy their kids these expensive gifts are retarded. They need to teach teir kids the value of money. Some of these idiots have never worked a day in their lives. And they have the nerve to make all these demands for a birthday party, and expensive gifts. I saw one show that had this guy riding into his birthday party on top of a camel, and he had a crown on top of his head. You talk about wanted to smack the sh*t outta somebody! I wanted to pull him off that camel and stomp a mudhole in his a$$ in front of his family and his stupid friends. On top that I think he had jewelz santanna perform, and then he got his stupid non rapping a$$ on stage and did his bullsh#t rap! He was feeling himself too much. I think these rich families spoil the hell out of their kids, especially the celebrity ones, and they don't teach them any responsibilities by giving into their outrageous demands for a birthday party. I saw one show that had the girl begging her mom for a brand new Mercedes Benz. If it was my kid , I would say to them" I'm going to get your little snot nosed a descent looking car for about $13,000. I'm going to finance it for you, you're going to get a job and make the car payments,and I'll take care of the insurance" I think that is more than enough fair.I don't have a problem with these rich families doing things for their kids, but at some point you gotta draw the line. All the hardships these parents went through to get them where they are today, their kids are getting the same things handed to them too easily. Just think about it, you have these little brats whose parents book an artist like rihanna or Chris Brown to perform at their stinking little kids birthay party. Do you know how much that cost's? We ain't talking $2,000. You looking at $80,000 and up. WAY UP!