What can i do to join the Olympics in TaeKwonDo?

@Shula101 (268)
New Zealand
October 22, 2008 5:24am CST
I have 4 years to do this. and i want in so bad. Im 3rd degree Tae Kwon do. 11 years training. But im not part of ITF or WTF. and i doubt if i join them they'd let me join the olympics. so is there any other way to join? or is it through WTF? please help =[
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@snpyvin (1518)
• Malaysia
23 Oct 08
I heard taekwondo have been remove from Olympics as one contestant has kick a referee in the recent Olympics.I am not sure about it. I think there is one way. You have to be strong and win all the competition to qualify you in the Olympics. You cant just join like that you got to have an association like wtf or itf.Be the best beat the rest and you will go to Olympics.
@Shula101 (268)
• New Zealand
23 Oct 08
Kinda, they wanted to remove it but it was only one bad event and stuff like that happens alot. that time was 2004. and i was watching the 2008 games and there it was, TKD won by Tai Pei, i think?
• Philippines
22 Oct 08
keep on practicing. if you really want to be olympian, you should be dedicated to what you are doing. you should have the characteristics of an olympian, courage and disciplined. also, always pray hard. keep it up.