generation gap

October 22, 2008 6:03am CST
under the background of fast developing China ,there seem like generation gap between every 3 old's really a complex thing,my parents alway donnot know what i am really thinking, even my brothers.we always had different opionions to the same thing.we have less and less common intrests.sometime i don't know what to do .
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@klaudine (3652)
• Indonesia
22 Oct 08
It is not only happening in China, YONGNIAN1987. Here in Indonesia, we also encountered the same problems with the generation gaps. I believe that all parents think like parents and children think like children, and that what exactly made the generation gaps exists. Of course there would be different interest between you, your brother and your father, it happens here among, me, my mother and my father (my mother and my father has 13 years old age difference). The only way to cope with the differences is by communicating and tolerance.
• China
24 Oct 08
"the only way to cope with the differences is by communicationg and tolerance"yes ,it is so wise ,difference make people together and become much stronger.sometimes we should learn to cooperationg.hehe,there is no words can discribe the feeling when we together with our family.