Do you like go to school when you are a student?

October 22, 2008 8:59am CST
Do you like go to school when you are a student? I don't like go to school when i am a student, but recently, i am not student any more, but i would like to go to school for studying. i don't know why . Maybe i think we have to much homework to do, then it have too lots of examination. you must get high scores. otherwise, partens are not happy, you are not happy. What about you ? Sharing with us your experience.
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• United States
23 Oct 08
this is what normally happens with everyone...when you are a student or when you were at school you feel hoe boring schools are...i used to think wish i could just grow up fast....hehe but now i understand how foolish i was....schools are the most wonderful and memorable as well as cherishable days that you would get in your life....and everyone needs to understand it especially when they are at schools only to enjoy the value of school life:)
@dodo19 (34674)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
22 Oct 08
I kind of like going to school. I like to go to class, learn about something interesting, and feel like I'm being challenged. I personally enjoy it and think it's fun.
@farjun (135)
• Israel
22 Oct 08
yea i like going to school, its fun.. with freinds.. my teachers are crazy so i dont get board in class =]
@myhllim (272)
• Malaysia
22 Oct 08
It depends on whether I'm a primary school student, secondary or university. When I was still in primary school, I like to go to school. I did not have any pressure from my parents. Going to school that time was like meeting friends to play together and having fun. But things changed when come to secondary and university live. I hate to wake up early to go to school and always looking forward school holiday. Maybe it was due to heavier school works when we grow up.
@gerald_lian (2191)
• Australia
22 Oct 08
When I was still in school, like most other students, I just don't like to go to school. Every morning requires me to get up early (hence I have to sleep early the day before too, making me miss all those nice shows on TV ) and then going to school to listen to those "boring" teachers talk for what seemed to be hours. And then the teachers will start to give homeworks and assignments, and these will start to pile up day by day. At regular intervals too there will be mini-tests and pop quizes, and all that requires studying and reading up. Wow, life seems to be pretty stressed as a student! At least so, I thought.... Now that I'm in university, doing my final year in the course that I chose, I sort of miss school days a little. In university, yeah, there are still homework, assignments and tests and exams, but it seems to be much tougher than in school (obviously!) I wish I could go back to school where I can just study what I've learnt before, so studying isn't going to be too hard. Being in this situation makes me feel as if I will like school if I could go back to it again....haha, I guess that's how we are as humans; loving to be in the place where we are comfortable with! PS: But I love going to university need to wear those uncomfortable uniform and study is more self-directed than school where mostly it is spoonfeeding information to students....