My Dog Spud is in sooo much "TROUBLE" TODAY!!

United States
October 22, 2008 10:36am CST
My Dog Spud is in sooo much trouble today, he's made his ( momma) me very very unhappy; For one thing its very windy and chilly today here in Missouri after last nights early morning storms blew through, and me being a "puss" can't be out in the coolish, dampish air for long periods of time. I turn him loose to run every day and every day he knows he is supposed to be back in a certain amount of time; Well this morning he is acting like he can't hear me whistle for him and is way too busy to come when called even though I see him just fine, Him and Nikki my other black lab they are too busy digging over in the nieghbor's yard area up by his stinky lagoon. So after several minutes of wasted breath and wasted whistle calls, my old blood pressure starts to rise (G) and now I am walking towards him not a happy camper at all BIG MISTAKE on his part and he knows it too! So what does he do as I near him? He dashes off into the neighbor's stink a$$$$$$ smelly, nasty lagoon for a swim, maybe he is thinking that will keep Me away from him to tie him back up ..WRONG! He has to be tied up out on my Dads farm or either that get hit, I don't want him to get hit by a car or truck stupid dog! No I am not an animal beater, or abuse'er by any means so get that thought out of your heads right away but I was P.O'D...AND DID YELL A LOT!!! QUITE A LOT! Stink! OMG does he stink after going in that lagoon, I don't know what's worse him getting into the skunk earlier this summer or always swimming in that nasty lagoon when there are plenty of ponds on our farm and one big lake..Why do you have to swim in the stinky one Dog? Why? Why? Why? Is he having left over full moon attitude from last week?? ARARRGGGhhh!!!! then he tries to cheer me up trying to rub up against me, NOOOooo!! GET DOWN!!! NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! so that's my morning jaunt from out on the farm! Dealing with my crazy dog! and knowing my Cat Minx she won't care she'll be out there rubbing up on him and then she too will stink like the lagoon and wonder why I'm not holding her tomorrow...LOL! UGH! Animals I love them dearly but days like today they make me a tad bit CRAZY!!!! no comments either from you know I'm crazy !!! LOL! There I beat ya to it!
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