Is it good to have a fast once inawhile?

October 22, 2008 12:56pm CST
They say tht keeping a fast cleanses the system and the body organs get some rest. It is good for tehbody system tomaintain a fast once ina while. There are various types of fasts which are followed by people in India. In certain fasts you eat certain types of food consisting of fruits or only roots etc. This is good for the body system as it improves digestion. I for one have never been able to keep a fast. i can't stay hungry to long. I must eat once very few hours. How many of you Keep a fast regularly? Is it for religious purposes or jsut to keep the body mechanism well oiled and tuned?
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23 Oct 08
i think it can be good if your body can do it.. i cant because i have a fast metabolism and if i skip eating i get weak and dizzy quickly so going a day even is not possible