Who Enjoys listening to "The Band?"

United States
October 22, 2008 8:53pm CST
We sure do. It is amazing at how good their music holds up. Many of the lesser known songs sound like they could have been released today. Levon Helm, Richard Manuel and Rick Danko had very distinctive voices. Garth Hudson was amazing on the keyboards and as an arranger. Robbie Robertson wrote most of the songs, and played great guitar. I love the way these guys would harmonize and trade off vocals. What a great history, too. Playing in dives all over Canada with Ronnie Hawkins; being discovered by Bob Dyan and being hired to be his band when he went electric in the mid 1960's and recording the groundbreaking, "Music from Big Pink". That album caused Eric Clapton to rethink his career and led to the dissolution of Cream. Who else likes "The Band"?
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