Do you enjoy your life everday?

October 23, 2008 12:59am CST
Modern life can be very hard sometimes in that it often feels like to have plenty of money you have no free time and to have free time you end up with less money. Modern life is so tired,we have to face it everyday.YOu should have some rest of time to look around which beside you.
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• Malaysia
23 Oct 08
Yes I agree with you. Modern life needs us to think modern too. That is why nowadays we have to learn how to think smart and work smart. The term work hard and think hard is no longer applicable because if we do that, we would be exhausted in the end of every single day. But I agree that to achieve a smart thinking way, we have to have knowledge and obtaining that knowledge is another story altogether. In the end everything becomes complicated and everyone gets frustrated because so many things are not achieved by the end of the day. However, not to worry much. Take a day as it comes and think freely. Don't get overworked, but enjoy work. When you are tired, take a rest and then continue. Things will go smoothly as planned, rest assured.