what was the worst injury you ever sustained&how did you get it?

October 23, 2008 4:51am CST
when i was six years old, we had this heavy curtain rod in the bedroom that was becoming loose, so my mom warned us not to go near it. of course i just had to go and lay down on the bed and tug at the curtains with my feet. as expected, the whole thing fell on me. i quickly got up to put everything back, then felt something hot against the side of my face. i wiped at it and saw so much blood smeared on my hand, it made me scream. my mom came running and upon taking a look at my wound immediately concluded that i would need stitches. i almost fainted with fright, because the only kind of stitching i knew was the kind my grandmother does on the sewing machine. hehe. they took me to the hospital and after just six stitches, i was almost good as new.
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@genihanna (358)
• United States
23 Oct 08
When I was little, we had those kinds of bar stools that twirl around. We used to always spin them around - well, once, my little brother decided to spin me around while I was sitting on one - I crashed and broke my collarbone - I was so afraid of getting in trouble, I didn't tell my parents how hurt I was - they finally noticed it anyway! Another time, my brother and I were jumping on my bed - my mom kept yelling at us to stop, but NO! He bumped into me and I fell right smack into the side of my dresser's mirror! Had to get 10 stitches on the side of my face right by my eye! And one other time, me and my brother (gosh, seems like he was always hurting me, huh?! LOL) were playing on the beach with garden tools - he reared back and gave a mean chop to the sand with our hoe - unfortunately, my foot was right there! Ooooeee - did he get in trouble - I got a brand new notebook! But, I've got to tell you - once we were arguing over who would get to cut the "Little Debbie" in half so we could share it - I snatched the knife out of his hand - do I really need to tell you what happpened? He wasn't holding it by the handle!
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• Philippines
24 Oct 08
thanks for the post, i hope you're still in one piece after all these...
@mjmlagat (3171)
• Philippines
23 Oct 08
The worst injury I had was a knee injury and I got it during a motorcycle accident two years ago. I was so scared to have broken my knee cap because of it. Luckilly by God's grace, I only had a bursitis and the doctor just removed some fluids there to minimize the swelling. It was really a close call for me.
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@donna22 (1120)
4 Nov 08
Ive never been injured really badly but my Dad did run over my foot with his car once! He was dropping me and my Mam off at a carpark somewhere and she got out. I opened the door and put one foot out but a car was wanting to get past so I closed the door over a bit to make room but my foot was still outside car. My Dad thought I was completley in car and he started to go forward, running over my foot with the back wheel. Went to hospital but it was just badly sprained.