Lost weight using Wii fit.

United States
October 23, 2008 6:47am CST
I alwyas play with our new Wii fit but I'm still fat how can I improve my weight using our new Wii fit.? Is this Wii fit work to everyone I been using this Wii fit every day almost one month now but my body still they same.
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@jeseravi (338)
23 Feb 09
Despite its moniker, Wii Fit isn't a total fitness solution, with its included exercises focusing more on improving muscle tone and balance than on cardio and weight loss. What it does offer is a better way to track your weight, body mass index (BMI), and time spent exercising both within the game itself and from any other external activities, giving users a clearer picture of how their health is progressing over time. It's no more going to make you super-fit than Wii Sports is going to make you a tennis pro, but it can provide a strong anchor for a more expansive fitness regime should you have the motivation.
@Cannonball (3636)
• France
25 Jan 09
I think you shouldn't push yourself this much but use it regularly and try to do it a little bit more every day. I mean eventually it's impossible you do not lose weight if you use it at least an hour every day. A combination with Wii sport can be good as well, especially the boxing game.
• Philippines
4 Dec 08
I would love to buy wii fit. My boyfriend and I just recently bought wii. We didn't buy the wii fit since it was out of stock. I think for the wii fit to become really effective if you can also monitor your food intake. Eat more healthy foods.
@loved1 (5337)
• United States
23 Oct 08
You are probably eating too many calories. I know, most people who are trying to lose claim they are eating very little, but if you write down the caloric content of every single thing you put in your mouth you may be surprised. I was thinking of buying a Wii fit for our family this Christmas. How would you rate the workout you get while using it? Do you think it is worth the money?