do you have any performing experience? welcome

@qwe123 (253)
October 23, 2008 6:51am CST
the last time i was in a chorus. we won the No 1 place of the competion which attended by more than 20 teams last winter in the school chorus competition. each team represented a department respectively, and our department won the competition. i ahve been a classical piano player, and i have played on many ocasions, usually i can play without being afraid of the audiance, because i am focussed on the music. but if somehting happens which brings me back to reality. sucha s a child crying that this is boring and it wants to go home i feel the fear teaching is also a kind of a persormance in public. the feling can be a bit similat, especailly if the topic drifts into a direction i am not so familiar with. i stiil remember the passion we had at that moment right in the moddle of the stage. with flash lights on my face. i was so concentrated to the director,a respected professor in our department and a talented violinist, i thougt we did the best and the result proved that to performan on stage in public is a little nervous thing to me. i can not express my talent conletely. how to canqued such difficukty si a big problem.
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23 Oct 08
Hey there! I have a lot if performing experiences too, be it with a group or on my own. I am a member of the choir in our school, I am bass singer, and so far we've only joined two competitions. We finished runner up with the first one and fifth place for the second one. All the competitors at both contest were very good and well trained. But, the best would stand out from the rest. Even though we did not emerge as the champion we are still happy and thankful with what we got and for the good experience. I've also joined school play where I got one of the main roles in the story. I also play the guitar and it's my best talent so far that I know aside from singing and acting. I play it freestyle way. Doing harmonics, tapping, guitar percussion, etc., etc.. I always get a roar of applause from my audience. I perform in our school or orphanage whenever we have a reach out activity. I am the one who does the front act in our school whenever there's a programme or event.