The worry of getting lost luggage

@maximax8 (28547)
United Kingdom
October 23, 2008 11:18am CST
My younger son needs to have catheter care so on a two week trip I need to pack three boxes of them and for a month I have to take six boxes of them. If my luggage was lost then I don't think with the language barrier it would be easy for me the get replacements. Having lost clothes would be sad but getting lost medical equipment would be very worrying. What would you dread getting lost in your luggage when going traveling? They are packed in water so would that make it difficult for me to pack the catheters in my hand luggage? Have you come across restrictions on hand luggage?
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@oldboy46 (2132)
• Australia
2 Dec 08
It would be of concern if your luggage got lost and even more so if any essential medical supplies were in the lost luggage/bags. If I was in your situation then I would be talking to the airline and asking if you could take it as hand or carry on luggage. The alternative is that maybe the airline stewards could stow it safely in the plane if there is not enough room in the overhead luggage area. I wouldcertainly not be trusting it to the general luggage area becauseonce it leaves your hands, there is no real assurance that it will end up in the same place as you do. If you are travelling to another country where the language is diferent or where the medical treatment/equipment/supplies are vastly different to yours, the risk is way too great. Remember the old saying "better to be safe than sorry." Personally I have not done much travelling since I left the military. Then all my luggage was safely transported through and/or by our military itself so that was not a problem. The one air trip I have done since then everything landed where we were and on the same plane too. lol However my nephew has spent a fair bit of time overseas. Only once has his luggage been lost and he says that was not a good time as the airline would not do anything for 5 days. According to him, the clothes he was wearing had to be thrown out and he didn't have a change with him as he was on his way home to Australia, via a couple of pre-booked stopovers. After 3 days he had to buy some new clothes and threw what he was wearing out and then on the 5th day his luggage turned up intact. It had been around the world without him apparently. The airline did not refund him for the cost of the new clothes though as his luggage had not been missing for more than 5 days. Good luck on your travels and I hope your luggage always arrives at the same destination as you and at the same time too.