Do you take too much?

@jesssp (2742)
October 23, 2008 6:18pm CST
Do you seem to always use too much, with everything? I seem to be the queen of excess. I always take too much lotion, use too much nail polish, lip gloss, shave gel etc. When I cook I usually end up using too much of things, cooking stuff too long at too high a temperature. I seem to always end up with TOO MUCH! Are you like that? Or do you always end up with too little?
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@Humbug25 (12551)
24 Oct 08
Hi ya jessp I too am guilty of using too much of something. With cooking I find it hard to jusdge rice and potatoes and I always end up cooking too much. My sons seem to use too much toilet paper, the roll is always empty and I feel that most of day is spent checking the toilet paper. My sons also take too much hot water too. I always use too much washingup liquid and end up with too many soap suds!! I guess too much is better than not enough eh?
• Canada
23 Oct 08
I am also so bad at this. Especially when im cooking. I always end up cooking to much. I never know exactly how much to prepair. Then the worst part is i have left overs. I put them in the fridge but the next day I completly forget they are there and i cook something else. Then the yummy left overs go into the garbage. When im at a potluck or when we go to a buffet my mother sais that my eyes are bigger then my stomach I always go back for seconds and cant eat what I get!