If we could have read others mind

@mokbul (616)
October 23, 2008 10:24pm CST
Our minds are very complex. Until now no machines have been invented that can read the thoughts, which is in ones mind. Lie detector or similar machines are still at the experimental stage and only able to detect certain contardiction between brain wave and talking. The wrold will change, if some day machine invented that could read others mind. Lifes will be much simpler and easire on earth.
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• Malaysia
24 Oct 08
I really look forward to if there is a machine which can detect what is going on in other people's heads. Just imagine if I know what the other person is thinking about me. I would have talked back to her and slapped her if she made me angry because I know what is really in her heart. Now we can only guess and if we happened to overheard a conversation about us, then it is just that. We can never find a concrete proof towards a person who wants to destroy our reputation in life, or to our enemies. All is based on witness from other people which many of the times it can turn out to be incorrect. If the machine is already in the market, I will get one if I can afford to buy it. This is the most important tool that I need to survive.
@mokbul (616)
• Singapore
25 Oct 08
Thanks for sharig the thoughts. Yes if mind reading machine is invented, many probelms will be solved, many doubts will be cleared, many broken homes will be saved.
@Emilyzhu (147)
• China
24 Oct 08
Sounds great ! But I think it will be very painful if we can read others' ideas.Just imagine that you can see the real thought of others ,no matter good or bad ,there will be no privacy in our society .