Did U Ever Forget To Zip Ur Pant????

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October 23, 2008 11:17pm CST
him mylotters,i guess there would be no person in this world who have zipped his pant without fail,inspite i have failes to put my zip so many times when i was in schooling and evenh i was studying engineering!!! So my dear friends did u face any weird situations by not unlocking ur zip????
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@myahw20 (1116)
• Canada
24 Oct 08
Well yeah. hehe It happened a lot of times already since I was young. I remember this one time that a lady in the supermarket had to approach me about my open zipper and of course that was embarassing hehe. I also have one of my favorite jeans that has a loose zipper and it keeps opening too hehe. So sometimes I do not notice it and my friend keeps pointing it out to me but now I do not really get embarrassed about that especially because they do not see anything anyways lol. I just laugh when he points it out. I think he's the one getting embarrassed for me haha.
• India
24 Oct 08
it was very nice sharing ur experiences..!!!!happy mylotting:)
• Dominican Republic
24 Oct 08
There's been a couple of times, but thank God I always notice before someone else does... I just hide a lil' bit while I zip up. Happy MyLOtting and have a nice day! Xp
• United States
24 Oct 08
omg yesh. I was at church, and I always sit in the 3rd to front row (ok, almost always there are a couple exceptions) but I needed to go to the bathroom during service... and all the boys sit in the back row right? so I noticed one of them staring at me and I couldnt figure out why, when I got to the bathroom, I realized my zipper was down, omg was I embarresed, but that helped me too, because it helped me realize, yeah it was embarrasing, but life goes on, and he never said a word that reached me, so it was fine. so yeah, it was embarrasing, but taught me a good lesson
• Malaysia
24 Oct 08
Lol! It is such an embarrassing moment for anybody who had forgotten to zip their pants. As for me I have my own experience when I was ten years old. At that time I was attending a music class. My father had bought an organ for me to play, so he sent me to learn how to play the instrument. One day I was in a rush from home because I was already late and my mother grumbled about me being late and all. I just put on any clothes that I can reach from the wardrobe and I put them on effortlessly, and mindlessly. After that I got into the car without thinking anything, because my father was already waiting for me there to send me to the music class. When I reached the school building, I had to walk through the exhibition hall before I can reach the class. At the hall at the moment were two teachers whom I know. I greeted them and walked passing them without wasting any time because I know I was already late. Then I heard the woman teacher called me from far. When I turned around, I looked at her and suddenly she looked doubtful. As if she has something to say but decided not to. I waited for a while but then she told me to go upstairs because the teacher is already waiting for me there. I only realized the zip of my skirt was not on when I reached upstairs. It was such an embarrassment which I could never forget. I wonder whether my organ teacher knew about it or not. But I am sure the woman teacher knows. Lol!
@jammyt (2824)
• Philippines
24 Oct 08
Yep, there has been instances. Good thing is, I don't usually wear blouses that are tucked in so no problem. Most of the time, I realize it when I get out of the bathroom so I usually slowly and discreetly zip iy up while walking and when no one's around. one quick movement. LOL!