hi what is the biggest difficulty you have successfully oversome?

@qwe123 (253)
October 24, 2008 4:09am CST
what is the biggest difficulyty you ave successfully oversome? we have to face all kninds of difficuties in our l dau daily life\and it is by oversoming them that e we learn and mature share with us your experience oversoming difficulties or going though hard itmes what is the biggest difficulty you ave over ever faced, p or you a hve have successfully oversome? i do agree with t waht you have said if you a want to do somehting successfully a good plan will be necessary this is hte most importnat when i am a teenager the college entrance exam is the biggest difficulty for me when i was about ato graduate form college looking o for an excellent job is my bif biggest difficulty at that time nowadays in retrrospexrt the apst days all of these so called bigges difficulty seems mothing serious and the biggest difficult is always in teh curent situation the most painful exercise i ahve ever has was about one year ago when i wa playing soccer i was ofrmed forward in that match just some random mon moment, my friedns agg gave me a wondreful pass i beat the off side trap facing the goadkeeper but hea was so rude kicking my leg s as hard as he can well my leg jsut cracjed it hurts m so much whole bosy instantly went numb i felt like by braiin was getting smooshed fora second i cna not feel my leg as the chinese old saying f goes do not combat until you prepare enough to tell the truth, i never meet some sticky difficukties so ia msorry that i even have no ec exercise to share with others but i hope i can have the opporti oo opportunities to oversome some matters ,whcih willbe better for my personal socual experiences
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24 Oct 08
I have overcome my shyness. I have overcome my despair. I have overcome the loss of my parents when I was young. I have overcome many difficulties, but I have never overcome my love of life. I have always found a way through the difficulties and survived many bad experiences. Living is always a challenge and I have found my own way of dealing with it. I have had many amazing experiences and these would never have happened to me if my life had been different. I am happy with where life has brought me. I find it exciting that I don't know where in future my life will take me.