I learned a lot ..from my one day experience on top of the mountain

at Mt.Famy - We were just resting..It was one hella experience
@pinks17 (2192)
October 24, 2008 4:40am CST
[i]Last weekend we went to Mt.Famy in Laguna as part of our Team Building.Well the rest of our team mates at the office backed out day before our outing.I just want to share what happened. The place was super beautiful.It's actually a beginners climb and we were able to make it.It rained night before so you can imagine how muddy it is on the location.We saw 4 falls and despite that I don't know how to swim (i know how to do back float...lol)I was able to make it. I hate mud.I seldom eat canned foods.I can't last a day without taking a bath.I always use slippers,I walked barefoot.I can't eat sharing my spoon and fork with someone I am not close to.We slept in one tent,5 of us(we have 3tents but the two boys joined us 3 girls in one tent because the chips was in our tent).I am afraid of heights but was able to conquer my fear.Never experience climbed the rock to reach the falls and I was able to do that. Me and my team was able to finish Level 1 as hikers.Sorry guys..I was just so proud of myself and to my team as well bec.it was our first time. I learned the value of water,to eat the food being prepared by mom and my boyfriend,I valued the importance of using your own spoon and fork that you don't have to share it with someone.I learned to love our bathroom more and the most important of all...I was one with nature..I had a day with one great experience not minding the people I love,I didn't think of the "tons" of problems I have. Ever tried hiking?Can u please share your experiences..[/i]
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