what do girls/guys like about you?

@pinks17 (2192)
October 24, 2008 7:12am CST
[i]I asked some male friends about this question and they told me that my sense of humor makes me attractive to men.I actually agree to that..well not on the part of men liking me okay but for making them laugh and smile .I love people to have fun and be happy when they are with me.Aside from this my being transparent..I am so vocal that we can talk everything and anything under the sun. They love the way I smile.They know that when I see them I would raise my right hand and wave like I am a beauty contestant in a pageant and that goes with a greeting like "hi-yee..good morning/afternoon!" or simply say "hi" to them.I know I am not beautiful but a male friend of mine once told me that it's one of my greatest attributes for a guy to like me being friendly.hmmm..ehem...modesty aside.I guess I am like Sandra Bullock..known as Miss Congeniality.lol [/i]
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29 Oct 08
I guess some of my girl friends says that they like me because...i always listen to their problems and give them some advices. Or they can talk to me anything under the sun. When it comes to my guy friends whom ive known since high school days..they told me that they like me for what i am and for being the great buddy all these years.
@pinks17 (2192)
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30 Oct 08
Well that's good markroderick.I consider myself as one of the guys too when I am with my male friends.When I am with my girlfriends well they like me too because of course we talk about some girly stuffs.
• Dominican Republic
26 Oct 08
Well, in my b-day, my friends were so kind to say all the things that they liked about me and how grateful they are for havin me -yeah, tight! ;)-. Here is the list, or just the important things: They like how, when they have a problem, I do whatever I can do to help them... how I'm such a good friend and listener, how I'm so wreird (strange way to say unique, eh?) and different from other people, how I make friends so easily and how I smile when things are going wrong -I'm a very, extremely positive person- how they enjoy to make me cry, 'cause I dont usually and its very hard to get the tears out of me, how I make jokes about me all the time, how I'm very sarcastic to them (never knew they liked that about me) and how I look people into their eyes when they're talking to me... happy MyLotting and have a nice day! Xp
@pinks17 (2192)
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27 Oct 08
Yeah me too.My friends like me when I comment on other people or make fun of others and make fun of myself.Basically they know that I am a good person deep within and if I comment on other people they know that I don't mean it.It's just for laughs.Happy mylotting too.