Q-Link Pendant - SRT 3

@hellcord (675)
October 24, 2008 11:43am CST
Hey everybody, I just got my Q-LINK Pendant in the mail today, all the way from UK:) For those who haven't heard of it yet, the Q-Link is a Pendant with a special technology that is said to reinforce the body's natural energy and counter the effects of EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) of monitors, cell phones and so on. Since I've seen it endorsed by Deepak Chopra and Ken Wilber (both of which I respect and hold in high esteem) I took the step and bought one:) I figured if they come with such good recommendations and also offer a full money-back guarantee after 90 days, they must believe in their product. Has anyone tested it ? (the Q-Link specifically, not other magnetic products) Thanks for dropping by, will be back with updates on this, after wearing it more. Peace:)
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