is racism prevalent in your country?

October 24, 2008 12:07pm CST
i hate racism i think that everyone should just accept others for who they are, your race should not matter at all. racism is not prevalent in my country, and i am happy for that, because we just accept people for who they are because we cant make anyone.
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@narayan2006 (2955)
• India
24 Oct 08
There should be only one race-human race. All kinds of differences and discriminations in the name of race,religion,caste,colour and community are divisive forces of mankind and should be condemned everywhere,as those tend to weaken the unity and secular character of human society.Racisim is a curse for mankind;it is a destructive force that damages peace and harmony among the people.We must get togethar and uproot the sources of racism for ever."Unity in the diversity "should be our motto. Thanks.
@oderog (732)
• Kenya
24 Oct 08
Racism is as old as human race, it is something that we should stand against, for racism to end everyone have to appreciate each other regardless of your background whether in Africa, Europe,Asia, USA and any other continent. It just very sad that even platform where racism might be fight also bring out racism and this I talk of football. It will take time for this behaviour to end but one day it will come to an end.
• India
24 Oct 08
hi i'm from India and in my country there is no racism as such. But I think another variety of racism is very much prevalent in my country - that is caste system. I can't deny that it's a variation of racism with all the bad things present in caste system. Although caste system was made to be equivelent to modern day division of labor. In ancient India, caste system was based on job done. But now it's decided not on job done but on birth. This system has all the ugly faces of racism.