@lisa45 (87)
October 24, 2008 3:43pm CST
hi all love this film and for anyone who hasnt seen it they should check it out its definitley for girl market like but its a lot of laughs its exactley how it is in girl world in the words of the mean girls if you have seen me tell me what you thought about it and the diffrent charachters
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@lou_66 (909)
4 Nov 08
yeah its a brilliant film. it sort of reminds me of how tnings were when i went to school apart from we wernt so vicious lol. i think lyndsey lohan character started out really nice until the plastics got her claws into her. when i went to a halloween party i followed the mean girls rule for my costume. it was very skimpy but no other girl could say any thing about it lol. my favourite charater is karen. she is so dense. what about you, who is your favourite. happy mylotting
@lisa45 (87)
4 Nov 08
you are so wright i love it and i say everyman to his own and you can like and wear what you want i also love lyndsey in it she is the definiton of toofaced or what she doesnt seem to no what side to be on and i guess that is the way life is in genral. did you have a nice halloween i had a nice one ith my family.
• Philippines
9 Nov 08
Mean girls is really one movie that makes you laugh and think how petty matters can get big with girls. But I feel like it's an exaggeration on how girls deal with meanness and life.