Do you think American tv goes alittle to far?

@Shula101 (268)
New Zealand
October 24, 2008 4:30pm CST
I was watching News and WWE and they had some out of it material (out of it= insane, out of his/her mind, Not normal) ON the news, it had a bunch of KKK Obama haters saying Obama is a Muslim and hes black so he cant be president and what ever. These guys were real Inbreds. And it showed Sarah Palin talking nonsense. making fun at russia, Obama as a terrorist and muslim and then says that people like the muslims should get along. Is she dopey on the white stuff or what? Since when is being a Religious person a bad thing? The enemies Al Queda in Iraq are the real enemies, Not the Muslim community. Then the WWE. I have seen this over and over again in the WWE/F and it wasn't until last week i just snapped. Vladamir Kovlov? the man playing him, Oleg Prudius, is from Ukraine not Russia. But it is a character but very offending. giving him military music, making him talk like he does, making him a bad guy just because he is russian. Then theres Santino Marella. who, since coming to america through WWE, had been getting boo's from the american people. and its all because he's italian. Laresistance is another group who were boo'd because they had pride in france and canada. KaiEnTai and Kenzo suzuki. and just recently, Kung Fu Naki. He's not even Chinese. Is it me or do all americans enjoy making fun of other cultures no matter what the differences are. do they do any real research or are they to stupid to attempt to.
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@Shar1979 (2723)
• United States
24 Oct 08
yeah most of american tv shows goes a little far but most people still dig it and no matter howothers will see it...they still make a lot of money out of it. i wont ever stop.
• United States
24 Oct 08
LOL. This summer I watched a show called "I Survived a Japanese Game Show." I like how we're taking others ideas. Some there will be one like Human Tetris, also Japanese. Other than that some news shows are very undependable and I agree it does go too far. I don't have cable so I have a very limited amount of access to this nonsense being fed to me lol. There are several shows on normal with skits and a lot are very offensive I know that. MadTv for example
24 Oct 08
The new has to be the most influential media. It is always alarmest and sad and rarely entirely accurate and yet people listen and respond. Try a news fast a improve you life
@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
24 Oct 08
American TV does go too far. We are fed this crap and as long as people continue to lap it up, we will continue to be fed this crap unfortunately.