myLot has shown me a new way today!

October 24, 2008 6:22pm CST
Till today, I was an addicted chatter! I used to sit in front of my computer and used to log in to yahoo messenger for chat. I have made hudreds of online friends who are from different parts of the world and of differnt religions. I used to chat with them but would get nothing. Chatting gave me nothing. It just killed my valuable times that I could have been utilized for study or other creative purpose. I have seen my parents are earning money with hard labour to support our family. But I was wasting their hard-earned money in my internet bill where as the internet was making me an addictive chatter. I was feeling guilty inside me. I was thinking if I could earn some money to soulder some responsibility of my family. At that time I could know about myLot. One of my friends told me that he was earning money from myLot. I thought I would do the same. So I became a member of myLot and started posting. I believe I will be able to earn some extra money from here. I have got some confidence after seeing so many myLotters here.
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• Philippines
26 Oct 08
hi smart_earner welcome to myLot, and may you gain money as you wish stay active and keep on posting take care
@Shar1979 (2723)
• United States
25 Oct 08
well hello there. it's nice to see new member here. i hope you enjoy your stay here. people are really nice here so i'm sure you'll have a blast. keep posting. don't focus on the money it ain't that much LOL have fun and have a great weekened
• United States
25 Oct 08
Congratulations and welcome to Mylot! Now you can do what you love best and earn while doing it! Don't get too caught up on the money part because it's not going to come as fast as you want. Just enjoy the discussion and making friends here on mylot. Remember: the more you discuss and respond, and the better the quality, the more you earn a day. Happy mylotting!
@jamesgrub (673)
• United States
24 Oct 08
you will be able to earn money here and you will be able to meet hundreds of nice people doing it. plus you will learn so much at the same time. just post discussions and post response, and make sure there interesting and not 2 or 3 sentences. yours is a nice length, if you dedicate time and don't write about stupid stuff you will start to earn money everyday. and its very addicting. ive never spent as much time on one site as i do on this one. have fin. :)
@artibg (292)
• Bulgaria
24 Oct 08
Welcome to mylot! I think that you came to the right place, though you won't make a fortune by posting here. But remember that not everything in this world is money. I'm not posting here because of the money- I do it because there are really nice people and discussions here and i learn many new things. Anyway, i wish you best of luck and happy mylotting