Which is more beautiful? A rose or a woman?

Eternal beauty - The beauty of women cannot be described in words. God has made them eternal beauty.
October 24, 2008 8:00pm CST
I get confused sometimes. We all know that rose is the queen of all flowers. This flower possesses mind blowing beauty. But, will you disagree with me that women are more beautiful than the roses? Are you thinking that I have transformed into a poet from a diehard myLotter? No! Had there no woman, there would have been no poetries, no songs no inventions, no inspirations...and the list goes on! I just wonder how much time the Creator had spent to design the female shape! How much time He spent to draw the female beauty! Where did the Creator find the aroma He scattered on the female body! The beauty that the God has given to the female folk, is perhaps available NOWHERE in the universe. There can be no compare between a rose and a woman, in my opinion. Roses are just flowers; they can only soothe your eyes. But the beauty women have got, can soothe the entire creation, can uphold the entire inspiration, can invigorate the global nation! Am I wrong?
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@bhanusb (5709)
• India
25 Oct 08
Yes Rose is the queen of the flowers. But rose and woman can't be compared. Woman is not flower. We can't say Woman is the qeen of the flowers.Certainly a beautiful lady attracts men.To a lover's eyes his beloved is the queen of the queens.A lover presents rose to his beloved to please her.He does so,because he knows his beloved will be so much pleased after getting the queen of the flowers.Beloved is the queen in the herats of the lovers.Poets compare women with rose or other flowers,star,moon, moonlit night and so on.I'm finishing this discussions with poet Nazrule's quatation :'tumi sundar tai cheye tnaki eki mor aparadh{ you are so beautiful I see you all the time/ is it my fault}.