What make the dark knight is one of the all time greatest movies

October 25, 2008 1:17am CST
the dark knight about break the record of titanic.The dark knight is made on base of children's comic.But the movie is enjoyed by everybody.What do you think,about the movie if you watched it.
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• China
6 Dec 10
The dark knight is the most successful superhero movie so far,both at the box office and on word-of-mouth.The reasons I know are as follows: First,the dark knight has a perfect script,which I think is most important.As all the movies of Christopher Nolan,including Inception and Memento,the story of the dark knight is very complicated and inviting.After watching the movie,you will find yourself completely lost in it.The rigorous and dark atmosphere is very different from other superhero movies,such as spider-man ,iron man and superman.That makes it shocking. Second,Heath Ledger contributes much to the movie.He devotes himself into the character,and play joker in the perfect way.Without doubt,joker is the crawliest character in movie history, second to none, even Dr Hannibal Lecter in the silence of lambs. Joker is the most horrible because he commit a crime for no purpose,so he can't get satisfied.He represent terrorism in today's world.There are many good plot of joker,the rubbery of the bank,the body bombs,the last plot about boat.Such a villain impress many people,including Oscar. Besides,the story is very deep.It contains many morality thinking.Nolan even dimmed the difference between batman and joker.Batman chases justice with violence,which is illegal and can't be understood by normal people.The double-faced person make batman see that superhero only has a little thing different from super villains . We can see that the dark knight is far more than a superhero movie.It is a moral fable, affecting people deeply.That makes it one of the all time greatest movies.
• Indonesia
25 Oct 08
one word "Great"