Ice cream creations

October 25, 2008 1:52am CST
I have not yet tasted all ice cream flavors, but I can create several ice cream combinations that people will surely love. First, we can use vanilla ice cream in any types of soda - which is called soda float. The most particular soda used here is coke soda. McDonald's has this kind of beverages, and I really really love this. I also want to have strawberry float in bubblegum soda or mango ice cream in lemon lime soda. Second is the famous banana split. Two bananas with three flavors of ice cream between with cherries and Hershey's chocolate filling. Well, I have not yet tasted that, and I want to taste that some other time. Regarding this, why don't we try to create something new. I will suggest a watermelon shake with bubblegum ice cream on top of it, with marshmallows and chocolate fillings. I would like also to have mocha ice cream in top of avocado and chocolate filling or crushed cookies on top of it. Third, everyone deserves an appetizing breakfast, right? Well, this idea from me will surely be loved by everyone especially children - a breakfast cereal with mocha and vanilla ice cream, greated cheese, and corn bits on top of it. If you want a desert, we can have a leche flan with melon and cheese ice cream. Or,, we can also have a cheese cake with a mocha ice cream and choco fillings on top if it. We can also add chocolate chips to that. Coconut lovers can also enjoy their favorite coconut with a mouth watering flavors of ice cream. Just take off white coconut fillings on its shell, put their favorite favors of ice cream on its shell, and put back greated coconut fillings on top of the ice cream, and top it with milk powder or choco powder, or marshmallow, or even cheese. Well, those are some of ice cream combinations we can enjoy.
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