Need to get this off my chest!!

October 25, 2008 3:26am CST
Well, it have been a few days since this happened. On one occasion i was outside this shopping mall waiting for my friend and there was a group of students sitting on the railings opposite me. Then came the cleaner who was doing his daily routine for clearing rubbish, as he pushes the rubbish bin past the group of students, those students covered their noses with their hands and shouted smelly smelly at the cleaner! i was feeling damn angry when i see this but theres nothing i can do! are students nowadays so rude? what have their schools taught them ?
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25 Oct 08
sure seems like kids nowadays dont have any manners and no respect for others. used to be where these things were taught at home..i guess thats not happening much anymore. then again waaay back when (lol), there used to be actual classes that taught proper etiquette, manners etc etc. they were part of the required courses. in fact i used to have an old etiquette school book from just such a was printed in like 1890 or something like that! so i guess that shows how long ago it was taught in school lol! the school here that my 13yr old attends (public) certainly doesnt teach these things. course for that matter it sure seems like some pretty important things like HISTORY arent being taught nearly as in depth as they used to be.