How active are you in the forums?

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October 25, 2008 8:48am CST
It's becoming favorite place to visit on the puter. There's so much good info there. I like the active feedback you get when you post. The business section is my fav place to read up on what everyone is doing to increase their sales. The promo section is great too, but wow, that forum moves fast!! LOL
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6 Nov 08
I check it about once everyday and then move on to making beads or listing beads, unless something cool is going on, a subject I am interested in, last week for example I spend a some time going back to a post, an etsy member was in trouble needed to raise some money by a certain time, and offered promotions in her shop, I went and spent as much as I could, it happened I could use the item for x-mas gifts, and it was cool to go back and see folks buying from her...I read all the posts in that thread and was happy to see so many nice people lending a hand... I like the business info too...and some updates from admin... and yes they do move rather fast...
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28 Oct 08
The business forums are very good! There's some info in the virtual labs also. I highly recommend spending a bit of time there, especially if you are looking for tips on improving your shop and sales. The newbie forums are good for anyone with less than a year (I'm over a year and I still drop in to see what info is being shared) and the critiques are awesome, even if you aren't getting your shop critiqued! There's so many great tips being shared by Etsy's admin. They get to see the trend reports and pick up the little things that are working for sellers. I try to drop in on the critiques once a week. If you think the forums move fast now, wait until mid-November. If your thread is over a minute old, it'll be a page 3, heading to page 4... lol. I find it works best to "stay with your thread", commenting on the comments you get, looking at the items that are posted by other members, etc. It just keeps pushing your thread back to the top, where others can check out your thread. In the forums, most Etsians will often look at the thread starters item, so you will almost be assured of getting views if it's a good thread!
@fineartist (1217)
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26 Oct 08
I really love Etsy's forums and am fairly active there. Their forums can be very addictive, though. I used to spend a great deal of time on their at least 3 hours per day. I then came to the realization that I was neglecting a lot of my responsibilities, especially those related to marketing my artwork. And so, I spend much less time on the forums than I used to. ;) Have a great day!
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25 Oct 08
Promo does move fast. I haven't spent too much time in the other sections. But, I do promote several times a day in the Promo section.