How long is your hair?

@kellys3ps (3726)
United States
October 25, 2008 12:55pm CST
I just read this article: about a South Florida woman who is trying to earn her spot in the Guinness Book of World Records with her dreadlocks which now measure 8 feet nine inches long! So, I got to wondering how long everyone's hair is... You don't have to have the actual measurement, but you could say, above the shoulders, below my waist, etc. How long is your hair?
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• United States
25 Oct 08
mine's now to the top of my legs.i'm not sure how long that is exactly,but i'm still quite a ways off from great grandmother's hair was at least her own height,5 ft 7.
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@sweet_pea (3325)
• Philippines
20 May 11
Mine is just below the shoulders so I can tie it up in a ponytail. I don't like my hair to go on my face. On our last vacation trip, we happen to follow a reggae band player while boarding the plane. He happen to have dreadlocks which almost touch the floor. I was really looking at it and I was so curious on how he manage to wash his hair.
@rainmark (4306)
25 Oct 08
Oh i have seen on the telly too before the girl who has a very very long hair which is on the guiness book of record. I can;t believe how long her hair is. Mine is not too long it's half on my back.I never make it very long because i got my son who likes to pull it. And i never cut it too short coz i wasn't look good in it. Happy posting.
@srpkinja (375)
• Canada
25 Oct 08
My hair is just a little bit below my chest. I had longer hair last year when it was below my chest and I loved my hair a lot but one day, when I didnt have school, I was really bored and wanted a change.. since I had long hair for the longest time and I cut it a little bit shorter than shoulder length. Im still trying to grow it back and I need a few inches until its at the same length as before. I love long hair and I cant wait until I have long long hair again. But I think that 8 feet is just a little much for me! hahaha.
• United States
25 Oct 08
Well I have layers actually, and so a lot of it is different. But most of the longer ones are about 3 to 4 inches below my shoulders.... and I'm still growing it since I love long hair too. That's amazing to grow hair 8 feet 9 inches, it would take so much care and patience, especially for care work. Oh, and I'm 5 feet 3 inches. To have hair that stands taller than me would be crazy and so much trouble!
@bgerig (1259)
• United States
25 Oct 08
mine is just a couple inches. however, my sis had about 24-28 inch long hair before she cut it when she started her chemo treatment.