Do you satisfy with what you have?????

October 25, 2008 8:52pm CST
People are never satisfied what they have.Either in history or at prestent people constantly try more,and want more,something different.This is just under the stimulation of new desires.So,it is no surprise to see people change their postion from one place to another,trying to get either promotion or better income or more comfortable living conditions. However,the sense of unsatisfaction stimulates people to greater efforts.People of different ages,different professions have their own dreams.Women,for example,gradually change their position in the society:hosewives-working force-top leaders,through great striving.Constantly-emerging desires lead society to get its original motivation for advancement. Sometimes the sense of unstisfaction might bring undersirable effects to onself or the society.Unsatisfied people who are not capable of realizing their life dreams might lose self-respect and invite self-destruction,or make trouble to society. Do you satisfy with what you have?????
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