Do you read more boods and watch less TV?????

October 25, 2008 9:16pm CST
There is no denying that TV is a miracle of technology created by man.It has penetrated nearly every home in the world.If a student is continuously exposed to the world of TV,he can't concentrate on his lessons.And he may eventually fail in his examinations because he spends too much time watching TV/ On the other hand,one can acquire knowledge through reading books.From books one can learn what he does not know.Also,books can make him familar with what has taken place in the past and with what will come about in the future. Hence,for the children,they should take more time by reading,and take away from Tv.It is also very healty for their body.
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@dio123 (1790)
• India
17 Dec 08
just opposite for me I watch more TV and read less
• Malaysia
28 Oct 08
It is true that books provide us with many knowledge and by reading books children can get various information from them. However in this modern world where everybody is exposed to the television and internet, it is impossible to make children read only books. They have curiosity and surely children would want to have fun watching television and surfing the internet as many of their friends are doing the same thing. However we as parents can limit the number of hours for them to watch television and surfing the internet. The television has also resourceful channel like animal planet and discovery channel. We can encourage kids to watch these channels on television so it reduces their time watching useless shows on t.v.
@desireeo (595)
• Philippines
26 Oct 08
I believe you can watch TV without failing your grades. For kids, parents should monitor their time on TV. There is also what we call educational TV. You see, you can't force books on all people. You can actually pick up good things from TV. There are interactive shows that teach you language, history, mathematica and a lot more. Don't get me wrong. I totally see your point coz I'm a book reader too. I do believe that it is important to instill reading habit on kids coz what you get from books is really priceless. The problem with books is that it takes patience and it may be hard to find that among kids, while TV is more fun to engage in. As a parent, we need to guide our kids in what they're watching but we can't deny them the pleasure of watching it. I believe you can set time for homeworks and TV. We should also initiate the step to let them be aware to the power of books. For instance, let them watch Harry Potter then introduce to them the books so that they'll have a more active mind in reading the books. That should be a good start for them.