Do you still trust elections?

October 25, 2008 11:00pm CST
The smell of election is already in the air in the Philippines with wannabe politicians showing up in TV commercials more often. The question is, do you still trust the election? Do you think we're getting the best public servants from the process?
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• Philippines
31 Oct 08
I trust the people to vote for their choice. But since my first "voting" in an election, i never voted again. It's like the first and last. I just don't like the people are being voted. I guess, I only have half the trust in our elections. Who's to blame? I guess, we Filipino people should be the medium to what we deserve and been wanting for our politics, change for the better. Yet, every after election, people will protest the person or the politicians they voted cause they realized that he or she is not the right candidate. What happened to the election? What we need at this time of our country's status, are firm decision and belief in choosing the right and deserving politicians. Let's not be blinded. We also need DISCIPLINE to make this country a better place for all of us. Greed and hunger for power are the reasons why most of our politicians became a bad guy after being elected. One politician will start a project, then the one who will take over will surely not finish the projects that has been started. Cause he/she believes that the respect and popularity that he/she wants will not be credited to him/her cause of the name being tagged on the said project. If you will notice, almost everywhere here in the Philippines, the NAMES of the POLITICIANS are being displayed and used as an ICON of his place. This is simply not right. When the next politician starts his office, his usually first attempt to change are these ICONS to be changed to his own name. Sad but true. Again, money will be wasted. Things will be reconstructed for his benefits. Vote buying, "dagdag-bawas", and cheating in so many other forms are openly being done during elections. So, are we really using the FULL POTENTIAL and POWER of ELECTIONS in our country? Think again.
@ford_mts (232)
• India
30 Oct 08
Majority of the politicians do mischief in the land to increase their vote bank. And what i said is agreed by majority of the people.
@Shar1979 (2723)
• United States
27 Oct 08
I have never believed in politics especially in the Philippines. No matter who we elect as President or any government officials....there still will be corruption and it wont ever stop. The first and last time i voted was when I was 18 and the reason why I voted was because my dad forced us to. After that, I never ever voted. what for? everyone is corrupt. they would impeach someone and then put the one that the mass want then everyone expects that person to resolve the country's financial problem right away. if she didn't do it right away then everyone wants that person to step out of her chair. crazy! whoever people choose as president...that person will not and will never make a miracle and solve all the problems of Pinas. to be honest, us citizen of Pinas should learn discipline first then comes the rest. we cant even abide a simple traffic rule...even pedestrian rules. then they would impose a lot of new laws and stuff about traffic. let's say that 5 mins stop of the much money did the government waste for those res stop light at bus stops? it didnt even last a month then you'll see bus drivers not following the rules. you still get stuck 1 hour under the MRT station waiting for the other buses in front of you to move. imagine 1 hour of your time when yu could have been at home resting. i could go on and on, ya know. lol there's the hidden medicines that are already expired. why not give them to the poor instead of keeping them in some storage room til it expired? a lot of poor people would have appreciated it. see how i hate the politics??? LOL
@24Champ (465)
26 Oct 08
If you still believe in a democracy, then there's no reason for you not to trust the election. Sure, there are unscrupulous politician-candidates and COMELEC officials (vote-buying, poll manipulation, etc.). But putting them all aside, the electorates are really the ones who decide the outcome of an honest and transparent election. It's a matter of being vigilant and of course voting those who would really serve the country as exemplary leaders. Uneducated electorates are really the root of all our misery in relation to governance. If only Pinoys know how to vote "wisely", then there would have been many "Senator Wisely and Congressmen Wisely" leading us (heheh).