have anyone met with a severe accident??

October 25, 2008 11:13pm CST
is this your second life..have u ever met with an severe accident and thought almost gone from yhis earth..is this your second birth..once when i was travelling in my bike,i tried to overtake a bus..when overtaking another bus came opposite to me and i was in between the two buses in a reasonably small road...for a few seconds i lost my birth..i dont know by whosel luck i was still alive.......
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• India
26 Oct 08
Yes once wheni was travelling in my car with my mother, a cyclist suddenly decided to cross right in front of us without giving any signal. We were travelling at about 80 KM per hour. There was no reaction time and despite the driver applying full breaks, we collided headon with the cyclist. The cyclist got thrown into the air and he fell on our bonnet and wind screen before falling on the road and coming under the tyres. i ws shocked for a moment anddid not realise what had happened. The wind screen shattered and we coudl not see anything. I got out of the car and found that the man ws till breathing. We quickly took him to the hospital and got him emergency treatment. he had a dep cut on his forehead and his right leg was broken in two below the knee. After the emergency operation, he survived and i thanked God.