heard of flames-relationship finder?

October 25, 2008 11:36pm CST
have u heard of flames.if not read it carefully.flames has a meaning for each of its letter..f-friendship,l-love,a-affection,m-marraige,e-enemy,s-sister.okay.now i will explain the use of flames.if u have two names(one may be ur name and other one's name) you can find the relationship between the two names..i will explain the method.just write the two names in a piece of paper.now write "flames" below those names in that same paper.now strike the same alphabets that appear in two names.now count the remaining alphabets that are not striken in those two names.now...if u get 5 as the count ,start counting the word flames.that is f-1,l-2,a-3,m-4,s-5(u have to count till the count value. here it is upto 5).now stop.and strike off "s".now u have "flame".again start counting.f-1,l-2,a-3,m-4,f-5.stop .now strike "f".now u have "flam".so continue this process until u get a single alphabet.that alphabet denotes the relationship between the two names.taht is f-friendship,l-love,m-marriageetc etc..just try it ya!!!
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