"burn-out", anyone?

October 26, 2008 3:46am CST
Hello! has anyone here in myLot ever been through a "burn-out" from too much work of whatever kind? Well, I think I am in that situation this past week. I have been spending extended hours in the office to work on deadlines, some multi-tasks too because some people were not around to do their jobs, the boss always in a rush to finish things, etc. etc. The past week kept me away from myLot too, because when I reached home at night, I hit the bed as soon as I could, feeling wasted from all that. I've been longing for this weekend and the time I could really relax, doing nothing with no care for anything at all but rest. It's monday tomorrow and I can't help wonder if it'll be the same again in the office. Makes me want to cringe, and cling tight to the bed post to keep me from another hellish week! What about you guys? Ever felt the same thing before, this "burn-out" thing? How was it like for you?
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• Philippines
26 Oct 08
hi! i hope tomorrow is gonna be a healthy day for you. since we're about to close the month of november. well, i've been in and out of burnout. been there and gotten out. burnout for me is not being physically tired. it is, for me, when the mind is too tired for something else other than work. mood is off, enthusiasm is down, a little irritable (mostly irritable) and just a little depressed. that, my friend, for me is a burn out. it's when you go to work and can't wait for log out time. it's the feeling when you literally drag yourself by the hour. doing countdown.. however, there is no cure for it, unless you help yourself. when i know am not functional and am just gonna piss off other people because of my situation, i just take a day's leave. i try to recuperate rather than passing it on to my coworkers. have a nice start for your week tomorrow. if you get so tired, get a breather. need not to be expensive or fancy, just take a break. then business as usual.