Education - Human knowledge is priceless and dynamic if it is utilized in appropriate way means through education.Education will gives a golden oppurtunaty to all of us in settling .But we must concentrate on it.
October 26, 2008 8:27am CST
Education is very essential to everyone.Education is nothing but knowing well about our Society,Humanity,Truthfulness,Developing communications and etc...If I say in one word "Education is the arial root in getting any type of respective jobs". But many of us are not interested to study because li
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@dr3vvd (19)
• Philippines
26 Oct 08
Yup i agree that education is one step of having a good job but its not merely for that.This would help you grow and discover yourself and other people.You would be able to communicate better and contribute for the development of the Society.But it also doesn't mean that those who doesn't recieved formal education would not experience or have a decent job or life.Education can be learned in many ways.Experience is part of it.
• Malaysia
26 Oct 08
Yes I agree with that. Without education these days I think we just cannot go anywhere. Not to proper education. But many seems to forget this. Especially where poverty strike the most. They tend to put it far behind in line for the priority is money. Stop school and find job to make some money. But if they suffer just a little bit I think it would be better cause the education won't just teach us to be a scholar but also to be smart and fins alternatives in life even living in a dumpster home. I've witness this account. The parent would do anything to make sure their children end up with good education and it pays. Now the family has a good home and the kids had a really good work for themselves.