how long should it take to say I love you?

@monimo (83)
October 26, 2008 10:31am CST
I had a dream last night that my boyfriend said I love you to me. We are together for some time now...almost one year, and we never said it to each other...and I don't want him to say it, but in a relationship, how long or how much time would you consider ok to say I LOVE YOU to your partner?
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26 Oct 08
I was once in a relationship where my partner and I were together for a year but never said those words, I loved him, and I suppose he loved me as well, but it just never came out of our months. I did finally say it, but that was as he was breaking up with me and I was in tears, I really regretted not saying it when times were really good, but now I can care less, I have found someone better who I can freely say "I love you" to- though we have been together for a year and a half now. We did not say "I love you" for probably six or so months, I am not sure- I really can't remember when we said it, that doesn't matter so much as long as we know that we love each other right now, things are great and I could not be happier. Just keep in mind that the longer you wait the harder it may be to say it, that's how it was in my other relationship- just say what you feel if you feel it, why hold it back? If he loves you back he would not be offended by the statement. Happy mylotting and have a great day or night!
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@deedeehall (1144)
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3 Nov 08
hi-i think a person will say this when they are ready.