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October 26, 2008 1:11pm CST
Can someone help me to correct my homework? I just made it and I am not sure it's correct, would you like to read it and tell me what I should change and make the answers better? 5C - 1. Do you play any instruments? If so, what instrument(s) do you play? Do you play in an orchestra or band? 2. Do you like listening to loud music? Do you use anything to protect your hearing when listening to loud music? 3. Do you sometimes go to concerts? If so, describe the last concert you went to. My answers: 1. I don't play any instrument right now. I have played a couple years ago on jew's harp but I have lost it somewhere. 2. It depends in what mood I am and what I am doing. I like to listen to loud music in my car so I can completely relax but when I am talking with somebody, loud music distract me. 3. No, not really. I just went one time to Missy Eliott concert in Berlin, it was nice. 11C 1. Do you enjoy watching reality TV shows, such as Big Brother? Why (not)? 2. Would you like to take part in such a show? Why (not)? 3. Do you think good manners are important? Why (not)? 4. Can you think of an incident in your own life when someone was very rude? If so, briefly say what happened? My anwers: 1. I don't watch much TV because it's horrible, the news are sad almost always, all kind of TV soaps included BB are washing people heads, the cartoons are scary and abusive and most of this cartoons characters look worser than ugly. 2. No, I wouldn't like to take part in such a show, because I have to have some privacy and I don't like the idea to be closed in one building for long time. 3. Actually yes, because it shows whtether you can respect others or not. 4. No, not really. 22C Question was .. tell something what product do you like and do you ever think about how healthy ther are ... My answer: When I buy food I choose what I like or what looks really good and I like to try it. I don't spend much time to think about either some products are healthy or not or environmentally-friendly. Most of us don't see the production process of all this products so we can't really know that some youghurt is healthier from other. We can only believe what the wrapper says. I buy a lot of milk products, fruits, juices, mineral waters and I love good milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts - so it sounds pretty healthy. When there are some new products avaliable and they look teasty I like to try them. The price is less imporatnt but for example - I use to buy Campina milk drink for about €1,60 and once I tried Mona milk drink for just €0,90 and it also tasted better so now I can have 2 for price of 1. Does it looks really terrible?
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26 Oct 08
It looks fine to me. What class is this for?
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26 Oct 08
Hey, thank you for your response, hm well it's like high school