Do you believe poker sites are rigged?

United States
October 26, 2008 2:55pm CST
While playing poker at a few sites I have seen players say the site is rigged. I have seen bad beats, one player winning most of the hands, and players getting beat multiple times when the odds were clearly in their favor before the river and wonder how math can seem to not exist some times at poker sites. I don't know if they are rigged or not. If you believe they are rigged how do they do it and what can a player do about it if anything.
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@allen0187 (33860)
• Philippines
30 Nov 08
people usually think a site is rigged when they suffer big losses. in reality however they just have inadequate skills to win their hand or they just suffered a bad beat. also, it is understandable that these sites have stacked the odds against their players to make sure the site wins most of the games. i have a friend who works in a local online poker site and although she didn't say that the site is rigged she says it is mathematically impossible for the site to lose in the long run. the percentages always favor the site and this is something that online poker players must understand and remember. hope this helps. happy mylotting and cheers!!!
4 Jan 09
of course the online poker site will win in the long run, they are making money from the rake not winning hands, so it is in the poker rooms best interest to keep you playing the longer you play the more rake you can generate. i dotn think poker rooms are rigged as such but we see hands which we suspect are set up just due to the whole amount of hands that are dealt each hour. i think there may be a certain amount of cheating going on between groups of players but nothing to do with the poker room operators
@hellcord (675)
• Romania
16 Jan 09
nah dude, I don't think the major poker sites CAN be rigged. Several have their Random Number Generators verified officially and post the documents from respectable institutions. I got some excellent river cards yesterday and some not so great rivers on other days. That's Variance, not being rigged. You play 3-4 tables at one time, you win at 2-3 and lose at 1-2 that doesn't mean the site is rigged. You're supposed to lose and get bad beats, but on average if you play well your bankroll will go up, and be closer to your skill level than your luck on any single day. btw I play on Titan Poker, and FullTiltPoker. Hope this helps, peace :D
• United States
16 Dec 08
i do think some are rigged but i play a lot of different sites, and you just have to get in the groove of the site, some sites offer more spectacular finishes than others and some are much more conservitive so you just really have to feel out the site before anything.