his ex wife and kids

@daceyp (327)
October 26, 2008 4:14pm CST
not 2 sure how do deal with this(but no matter what i will always be there 4 him)his ex wife has just turned up on my doorstep wanting 2 talk 2 him.hes not here so she told me that his son is comming home nxt week after being in hospital for a while.my boyfriend doesnt get on with any of his kids but wants 2 be there for them no matter whats gone on.when ever him and his daughter meet up they end up really arguing comming 2 blows most of the time.the ex wife wants him 2 go 2 hers nxt week 2 see his son but am worried that this will all end in tears.bearing in mind that no1 told us that hed been in hospiatl till ages after it happened
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