How do we get though life

United States
October 26, 2008 8:25pm CST
On September 19th my sister Angela got pregenent.And on October 23nd. She had a miscarry, It's so hard to go though life. When you miss someone you love. My Best Friend Kourtney Gosnell died in a car accident on March 1,2008 I need some help that will help me though my hard times. RIP Kourtney RIP Angela's baby
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• Canada
27 Oct 08
Loosing someone you love is always hard regardless of who it is. I also lost a baby. I had a baby boy at full term! He was stillborn. I thought I would never move on and would always be mourning! I turned myself into a basket case just sitting in what would have been his room and crying. I thought that I wasnt ment to have children. And that I never would! But after about 1 year I got pregnant with my daughter. I was a nervous wreck but she turned out fine!NOw i know that my daughter now 3 will never take the place of my son and i never expected her to. But she did help with the grieving! So let your sister know that there is hope to have a child. I know its hard to think of. For you I know that loosing a friend in a car accident is hard. I personaly have never had that happen but i did have a close friend die of cancer recently. Then after a few months his daughter in law hung herself! The pain and hurt never goes away it will always be with you but you have to remember that God is watching over you and Everything happens for a reason!YOu just have to remember the good times that you spent with her but dont dwell on it! If you spend to much time dwelling on it you will become a wreck!